Msc Dt. Aykut Kosun

Oral implantology & Surgical

Dt. Aykut Kosun was born in 1984 in Konya-Turkey. He graduated in 2007 from ATATURK Universty/Faculty of Dentistry as one of promising Dentist of that year country based. In 2008, Dr. Kosun had begun depatment of “Endodontia” as research associate, right after his two years academical carry on works; Dt. Kosun done his military service as medical officer rank.

Dt. Aykut Kosun, after some specific Dental duties abroad, currently running as partner and major Endodontist, Oral Implantology&Surgeon of “Dis 212 – Dental Polyclinic Istanbul” since 2011. Dr. Kosun’ s area of expertises are mainly; Implant Executions, Implant’ s Upper Prosthesis, Dental Aesthetic Pratices, Smiling Envisagement and Reshaping. Besides all these, Dt. Kosun has married and got a child, able to speak fluent U.S English.

Courses – Certificates and Instructional Participations

  • Turkish Society of Oral Implantology XXVIIIth International Scientific Congress, 2017
  • “Advanced Surgical Dental Implant Procedures”, Tel Aviv, 2013
  • Universita Degli Studi Guglielmo Marconi “Oral Implantology,MSC” Master Certificate, 2016
  • Frankfurt Goethe Universty/Dentistry Faculty “Advanced Surgery on Oral Implantology “, Germany, 2014

Organizational Academic Memberships

  • Turkish Dentists Association
  • Esthetics Dentists Academy Foundation
  • Chalcedon Dentists Workshop